Edoceo APIs

Many support an output format parameter d with values of :[colon], |[pipe], \t[tab] to delimit the output fields, with header row

Many support an output format parameter f with values of csv, json, xml

Some support parameter q, for query, with values of the field name:search value

Some support parameter s, for sort, with values of the field names

Image to Data URI

This routine receives an Image via POST or URI and then converts this to a data URI per RFC 2397.

We have the only USPTO Trademark Search API.

Web Page Screenshot

This API was deprecated and moved to any2web.io.

This API call visits the specified web-page and produces a PNG based screen shot.

curl http://any2web.io/screenshot?u=http://edoceo.com/
curl http://any2web.io/screenshot?b=chrome&u=http://www.google.com/
curl http://any2web.io/screenshot?b=iphone&u=http://www.google.cn/

PDF Conversion API

This PDF Converstion API accepts documents in almost any format and then outputs to a PDF document. The output formats available are: image/jpeg or image/png (which will have alpha channel). Use of this API requires registration, contact Edoceo for access. A lower cost alternative to expensive, proprietary solutions.

  • @param s - URI of the source document (query string), bits to convert (HTTP POST) or uploaded document (HTTP File Upload)
  • @param f - output format: pdf|jpeg|png
curl -v http://any2web.io/pdf?s=http://host.tld/path/to/file.pdf&f=jpeg
curl -v -F s=@/home/me/file.pdf http://any2web.io/pdf?f=png
curl -v -F s=@c:\users\me\file.pdf http://any2web.io/pdf?f=png

Supported document input formats include: HTML, Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint as well as image inputs of TIFF, JPEG, PNG or GIF

Avery Printable Labels

Yes, via API you can now send simple data and receive back shipping and printing labels in the format of your choice. The output of the API is a PDF document that you simply print.

Specify the text content of the cell using this array like notation

curl \
	--data='cell[0]=Properly%20URL%20Encoded%20Data' \
	--data='cell[$n]=Properly%20URL%20Encoded%20Data' \
	--data='cell[$n+1]=Properly%20URL%20Encoded%20Data' \

curl --data='cell[$n]=Properly%20URL%20Encoded%20Data' https://api.edoceo.com/label/Avery5161
curl --data='cell[$n]=Properly%20URL%20Encoded%20Data' https://api.edoceo.com/label/Avery5162
curl --data='cell[$n]=Properly%20URL%20Encoded%20Data' https://api.edoceo.com/label/Avery5163
curl --data='cell[$n]=Properly%20URL%20Encoded%20Data' https://api.edoceo.com/label/Avery5164

Embedded line breaks are respected, long lines are automatically wrapped, proof read your output.

Envelope Insert #10

QR Code Generator

Spews back image/jpeg or image/png image formats.

  • @param d - Data
  • @param l = Level: H, L, M, Q
  • @param s = Size: 4=21x21, 5=42x42
	curl -X POST \
		--data 'd=Some Big Data to Encode' \
		--data 'f=png' \
		--data 'l=h' \
		--data 's=1' \

IP Information API

Shows information about the host or IP given.

  • @param f format: json, xml, text
  • @param q the hostname or IP address to query, if omitted uses requestors IP
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/ip
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/ip?q=
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/ip?q=microsoft.com


Peforms a Standard WHOIS lookup:

  • @param q the domain name to query
curl https://api.edoceo.com/whois
curl https://api.edoceo.com/whois?q=edoceo.com

ISO 3166-1 Country List API

List of countries including two and three digit ISO codes, supported outputs: CSV, JSON, XML, delimited (:|\t)

curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/iso/3166/1
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/iso/3166/1?f=csv
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/iso/3166/1?f=json
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/iso/3166/1?f=xml

ISO 3166-2 Country Administrative Divisions & Territories

curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/iso/3166/2
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/iso/3166/2?iso2=US
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/iso/3166/2?iso3=USA

ISO 4217 Currency Codes API

curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/iso/4217
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/iso/4217?iso2=US
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/iso/4217?iso3=USA

Text Tools @deprecated

These tools provide a number of utilities for operating on Text related data. You can pass in either a long string of text or a pointer to a web-page.

curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/text/keywords?q=[long%20text]
curl -v https://api.edoceo.com/text/keywords?q=http....

Strip Noise Words

curl https://api.edoceo.com/text/strip-noise
curl --data="stream of text" https://api.edoceo.com/text/strip-noise

Mail APIs


The SMTP Test API provides a quick check of an SMTP system.


The IMAP Test API provides a quick check of an IMAP system.

Sitemap Generator API

This tool has been moved to Sitemap Generator.

ffmpeg Audio/Video Conversion

These APIs are basically cloud transcoders with ffmpeg/avconv.

These API are wrappers for edoceo.com/creo/ftc

Web Page Screenshot

This API call visits the specified web-page and produces a PNG based screen shot.

curl https://api.edoceo.com/screenshot?u=http://edoceo.com/
curl https://api.edoceo.com/screenshot?b=chrome&u=http://www.google.com/
curl https://api.edoceo.com/screenshot?b=iphone&u=http://www.google.cn/